Cosmetic Skin Solutions Renewal B3 30ml


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 Cosmetic Skin Solutions Renewal B3 30ml

CSS Renewal B3 Cell Regeneration Essence Recipe Features:

- multiple medical tests confirmed that 5% Vitamin B3 most can make the body skin absorption,


B3 than the market for the skin to bring a significant effect.

- suitable for dry outside the oil, dark particles, acne, inflammation, dull, stains, reddish, sensitive and so on to improve the skin.

- Non-comedogenic, non-alcoholic (Alcohol Free), non-fragrant (Fragrance Free) without preservatives (Paraban)

- Contains vitamin B5 ingredients to enhance moisturizing function

- B3 on the market because the concentration is too high, not easily absorbed by the skin, there will be bubble reaction


Vitamin CSS Renewal B3 Cell Regeneration Essence:

- oil control, to yellow, moisturizing, lock water, whitening, proliferation of collagen can be done

- Superfine Vitamin B3 molecules, direct access to the underlying skin

- help produce anti-aging coenzyme, delay skin aging

- anti-acne, inflamed, balanced oil immediately repel acne and blackheads

- reduce melanin transmission, effectively improve the stain, dull

- plus vitamin B5 ingredients, so that the skin moist and flexible, strengthen the moisturizing function

- Strengthen skin defense, block contaminants and reduce sensitive opportunities


Recommended order:

morning: Cleansing -> Toner -> B3 B5

Night: Cleansing -> Toner -> B3 B5


Cosmetic skin solutions  B3 細胞再生精華 30ml的圖片搜尋結果Cosmetic skin solutions B3 30ml的圖片搜尋結果 Cosmetic skin solutions B3 30ml的圖片搜尋結果