Product Return Service Rules:

MoMo Beauty is committed to providing you with quality products and intimate sales services. Customers who have purchased any products at the store or with this website, if you have any questions about the product usage, quality, smell, color, etc., please feel free to call.


Good would be returned to us with the following guidelines:

The following conditions or products will not be arranged for return or refund of goods:

*Received / picked up more than 7 days

*We will not accept returned goods once the items have been opened or used.

*The product is deteriorated, damaged or incomplete due to improper use or preservation.

*Due to personal problems such as improper use or allergic to the ingredients in the product, no refund or refund will be made.

* Any free gifts, accessories and sample gifts are not allowed to be returned

* Deteriorated product, but been used more than 10% of the original capacity

* The company guarantees that all products sold are genuine. If the customer finds that the product may deteriorate and ask for return, we will return the goods to the relevant manufacturer or agent for inspection and verification. If the product is found to be degraded, the company is willing to refund, return or exchange for a normal one.

* There is no reason to return the goods (non-commodity quality problems), such as the buyer's personal reasons to change their minds, after we communicate the individual circumstances and subject to our confirmation, we can arrange to exchange, but no return is allowed.

*Because the resolution of the computer monitor is different with each other, and the color or the difference shown between the natural light and the artificial light is different, the product may have a chance of chromatic aberration. Please accept this deviation.  

*Webpage images and video effects are for reference only, and product effects vary according to individual usage habits and skin quality.


Other terms:

Exchange at the store: You need to return the original receipt and the goods to the store within seven days after the purchase. If the buyer needs to mail, the buyer will bear the cost of the round-trip shipping.

If the customer does not apply for returning the product within seven working days after the purchase, it is deemed that the transaction is completed. The store does not bear any legal responsibility and will not arrange for any replacement or refund.

If there is refund request for no substantial reason, PayPal will charge 4% of the total order value as a refund fee.

If the returned product is found to be inconsistent with the company's return policy, it will not be processed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. MoMo Beauty reserves the right for the final decision regarding all matters arising out of the return of the goods.



1. We will not be responsible for any problems caused by mistakes or improper use of the product.

2. We reserve the right to suspend, change or cancel all offers or amend the terms and conditions of the offer without prior notice.

3. In case of any dispute, MoMo Beauty reserves the right of final decision and no objection is allowed.